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From Breast Flashes To Rehab Tara Reid Saga Moves To Promises In Malibu

9, the American Pie star checked promises treatment Center in Malibu, reports In Touch Weekly. Made famous by his role in 90 classic film American Pie, Tara quickly moved the ladder of tabloid princess food chain.. On Dec. Tara Reid reputation of being a party girl has finally caught up to her.
18.12.08 09:58

Soul Calibur

The screens also show that there are many chairs arranged around the club with obsessive-compulsive straightness. When you open the living room, the ultra-sterile cotton swab cleaner-avatars of some tens of fourteen employees of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will no doubt be working overtime to clog your TV screen real estate burbling chat with bubbles indicating that it is possible Open the menu and choose sit down to sit. Screenshots indicate that the Tekken / Soul Calibur Lounge is eerily like a high-class club with life button inside your hopes high-definition television, have only won t care if the new wears sandals, shoes or not all.
18.12.08 09:58

Celebrity Letters Greetings From Oprah Winfrey

We had so much fun last year when we, uh, accidentally intercepted those end-of-the-year holiday letters from celebrities, we decided to try to get our paws on some new. Then, because sa matter of substantial public interest, we can now share with you the holiday letters some of our favorite celebrities including Oprah Winfrey are sending the holiday with their cards..
18.12.08 09:58

Akon Pleads Guilty To Harassment Over Thrown Fan

Fishkill, New York (AP) Hip-hop star Akon memory is guilty of harassment after he launches a fan off the stage at a concert last summer. He serve no jail time as long as he performs 65 hours of community service and pay a $ 250 fine..
18.12.08 09:58

Nicole Richie And Joel Madden D Amp G Lovers

Joining celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were sighted at Dolce Gabbana flagship boutique opening on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills last night (December 15). The Simple Life star and his lifestyle of the rich and famous rocker boyfriend has donned elegant and super-ensemble hit the arrivals area for a while to pose for paparazzi before heading inside..
18.12.08 09:58


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